Home Gym 10kg to 100 kg Pure Rubber Weight gym equipment for home


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Pay a Partial Payment of 10% per item
  • Hashtag Fitness 10kg to 100 kg home gym set
  • Package Contains: 1 x 3 feet Curl Rod + 1 x 5(23mm) feet plain rod + 2 x 14 ”  dumbbell Rods +4 Locks/clippers comes with the rods
  • Save money and Space gym set for home workout: Easy to use gym kit for men and do not require much space for storage, this adjustable bench for home gym set suitable for and fitness enthusiasts of all levels like gym equipment for women, men With the additional Dumbbell for selected weights, you can vary your workout routine even more while keeping your space clean and organized.
    Important Note : You will get spare weights as per below mentioned variations once you select the order in Kilogram.
    10KG : 2.5KG X 4
    20KG : 2KG X 4 + 3KG X 4
    30KG : 5KG X 4 + 2.5KG X 4
    40KG : 5KG X 4 + 2KG X 4 + 3kg x 4
    50KG : 10KG X 2 + 5KG X 4 + 2.5KG X 4
    60KG : 10KG X 2 + 5KG X 6 + 2.5KG X 4
    70KG : 10KG X 4 + 5KG X 4 + 2.5KG X 4
    80KG : 10KG X 4 + 5KG X 4 + 3KG X 4 + 2KG X 4
    90KG : 10KG X 4 + 5KG X 4 + 3KG X 4 + 2KG X 4 + 2.5KG X 4
    100KG : 10KG X 4 + 5KG X 6 + 3KG X 4 + 2KG X 4 + 2.5KG X 4
  • It is highly durable and long lasting, a perfect muscle builder
  • This Equipment set is basically Design for Basic home Gym Exercise.
  • A combination of all gym equipments for the perfect workout.
  • Weights differences can be done in grams.
  • Please make unboxing video while unboxing the package and share us within 72 hours then only replacement/ missing will be consider.

Important Note: We only provide you with an estimated delivery date, however, the delivery may delay in some unexpected cases so we don’t guarantee an exact or accurate delivery date. It may be delivered to you within 2 to 5 days before or after the expected delivery date, so we hope your cooperation with us accordingly, so order only if you’re willing to agree with our terms and conditions pertaining to the delivery process.
Please mail us your order or delivery related grievances at (hashtagfitness786@gmail.com)

Weight 40 kg


10kg to 100kg

10kg, 20kg, 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg



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23 reviews for Home Gym 10kg to 100 kg Pure Rubber Weight gym equipment for home

  1. Dev Shah (verified owner)

    A perfect kit for basic home gym workouts using any free apps. Amazing quality and heavy duty stuff. Couldn’t have been happier to have ordered this during lockdown!!

  2. Gaurav CHAUHAN (verified owner)

    The quality of equipments is great and price is also very reasonable. Hashtagfitness team is very kind and supportive. Looking forward to buy more equipments.

  3. joexjc (verified owner)

    Product was nice, Since its a rubber weight the size is bigger than expected even for 2kg, Due to this you can add more weights in dumb bell. Good for a day to day workout.

  4. Sarthak Daeeyya (verified owner)

    Great product. Really glad i bought this set . Looking forward to buy more products from here.

  5. akash.ponwar (verified owner)

    Good quality product. The dumbell rod has steel bolts which is a plus point. Happy with the product.

  6. Syed sahil

    It’s gud

  7. abhishekjitkar12 (verified owner)

    100% satisfied . thanks Team #fit♥️

  8. vijay001971 (verified owner)

    Good product for home gym .
    Reasonable price according to price.💪💪💪💪💪💪

  9. fahim.munshi37 (verified owner)

    It took time alot of time to reach, but the happiness on my face is worth all the time i waited. Love it. Must buy for home gym. Price and quality absolutely unmatched. Keep it up team HashtagFitness.

  10. ChaitanyaYelleti (verified owner)

    Good product for home gym. Anyone looking for the good quality rubber weights & gym sets can check with the #hashtag fitness

  11. karanpahwa293 (verified owner)

    Good product 👌. Weights are in good condition and the rods are also good. Only thing is that that weight plates is releasing some black dust or like something which is not good. But overall it is good product.

  12. Uttham N (verified owner)

    You guys are just awesome 😊😁 thank u so much guys 💕
    Plus you gave me some freebies love you guys

    Only defect is blue dart courier the worst service please try to avoid those idiots 😤

  13. tsatare (verified owner)

    Got my order before 7-8 days. Really happy with the service from hashtagfitness team. Big thumbs up for you guys. The product is perfect same as showed in the pictures. Value for money. Thanks guys #StaySafeStayFit

  14. Vikas


  15. Nilesh uppal (verified owner)

    It was a great experience shopping from your website.
    Rods and weights are really impressive and are of good quality💯.

  16. Abhishek Anand (verified owner)

    Great product

  17. Tarun Nellutla (verified owner)

    The product was fantastic, initially before ordering i thought it would be cheap quality product as most of the online sites delivering these days. But the quality of the product is outstanding. I really liked it. Just now received the product before the scheduled date of delivery. Thanks to the team of Hashtagfitness. I wish you grow to the stars in this business. Looking forward to order more products.

  18. Abhinav Arya (verified owner)

    Great quality product which is well priced. This is perfect for home gym. Team is supportive and addresses all queries related to products diligently.

  19. Aman Rao (verified owner)

    Product is really good at this price. But the things which I didn’t like about this kit is (1) the plates are leaving black color, I mean at this price it will happen so it’s fine, I bet it’s only for few days (2) the curl rod is not professional like it’s in the pic but it’s fine at this price for basic home gym. Overall the product is really good at this price so you can but it. So go for it without a blink

  20. Abhishek G Kankanwadi (verified owner)

    Got my order delivered earlier than estimated date. Coming to the weights and bars, firstly the weights are good enough and justify the price range, though I got 39 kg delivered instead of 40, it’s a good package overall, they’re rubber so the black powering and smell is expected, they are in good shape, second, the bars, both of them are fine for home workout with their smaller diameter, they do the job with the weights provided but can’t expect gym level Olympic bars, just manageable for home.
    Better than the other PVC ones, rubber outdo them but iron or steel would be more preferred, but buy according to budget.
    Go for it without a doubt, for this price segment and material used !

  21. hari20695 (verified owner)

    I got this product delivered today. It was awesome and worth for money. Strongly recommended.

  22. Nishant N (verified owner)

    Perfect first impression! Excellent packing.. Waiting to use it and provide a proper review on the quality.
    Thanks Hashtag Fitness

  23. Pranay Sachdeva (verified owner)

    As expected product. Totally worth it!

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