Power Squat Rack 4 X 2 (Gym Power Rack & Gym equipments for Home)


Pay a Partial Payment of 10%
  • HASHTAG FITNESS HEAVY DUTY FRAME: 300 kg weight capacity with heavy duty frame construction power squat rack.
  • It will help you while performing multi exercise like barbell squat,standing shoulder press,upright rows,barbell rows,barbell shrugs,bench press,incline bench barbell rows and seated shoulder press etc.
  • Power rack made of 4 X 2 M/S heavy pipe and required space approx height 96″ width 48″,color may vary.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Please DON’T tighten any of the bolts until you got it all together, you may need to adjust it when assembling.
  • Please make unboxing video while unboxing the package and share us within 72 hours then only replacement/ missing will be consider.

  • Important Note : We provide you an expected date of delivery only it’s not a guaranteed date of delivery. It may deliver to you 3 to 7 days before or later so please cooperate with us accordingly else please do not place your order in case you do not want to cooperate with us.
    You can raise your case if order is not deliver to you on time mail us for order related query and mentioned your order no. in mail (hashtagfitness786@gmail.com)




Length 48 Inches
Width 48 Inches
Height 96 Inches(Approx)
Weight Approx 60 Kg
Material-Type M/S Steel



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