HASHTAG FITNESS Anti Skid Double Wheel Balance AB Roller Portable Exerciser


  • All in One Exercise Device, Works for Your Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Abdominal, Core and Obliques. Strengthens and tone abs Upper Body Muscles, Trims Your Waistline, Burns Excess Calories. Total Body Workout in the Comfort of Your Homes.
  • Ultra-portable construction – Strong sturdy design for the gym or home use, no assembly required easy to assemble, it’s easy to disassemble and carry on, fits in your sports bag. our ab roller is suitable for traveling
  • DUAL-WHEEL DESIGN – Dual wheels make the ab roller more stable and durable, increases stability during movement. This advantage allows beginners to better grasp the rhythm.
  • ANTI-SKID FOAM HANDLES – The NBR foam handle safe, comfortable and highly air-permeable, can effectively reduce sweating and absorb the sweat, anti-skid, provide a secure grip and minimize hand fatigue while maximizing comfort and control.
  • Please make unboxing video while unboxing the package and share us within 72 hours then only replacement/ missing will be consider.

  • Important Note : We provide you an expected date of delivery only it’s not a guaranteed date of delivery. It may deliver to you 2 to 5days before or later so please cooperate with us accordingly else please do not place your order in case you do not want to cooperate with us.
    You can raise your case if order is not deliver to you on time mail us for order related query and mentioned your order no. in mail (hashtagfitness786@gmail.com)


USAGE- The dual wheel ab roller requires minimal training to use. Start on hands and knees, grasp the handles, and roll the wheels forward and back across the floor. Keep your back and head in a straight line during the rolling movements. Roll the ab wheel trainer straight out away from your knees. Support your weight on the handles and your knees while maintaining a straight back.

You will increase the work done by your core abdominal muscles. When you reach your maximum rollout distance, reverse the movement and roll back up to the starting position. You will feel the burn in your abs while doing this exercise. Start with one or two sets of five to ten reps each, and work up to more as your strength improves

Ab Wheel fits for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced. No matter you are adults, men, women, or children, it is your ideal Ab exerciser, but it is not advised for people with back problems.


  • FULLY ASSEMBLED: Our Premium Ab Wheel comes fully assembled and ready-to-go so you can get started working on that 6-pack as soon as you open the box.
  • Exercise Guide click on  : Guide
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